Inverter generator is the best solution for home use…

Inverter generators of TM “Könner & Söhnen” are reliable units that generate current with a pure sine wave and frequency of 50 Hz.

Expensive equipment with static power supply unit such as personal computer, laptop, game console, some household appliances–boiler, pump, refrigerator–and even banal diode lamps are very sensitive to the quality of current; they can overheat and, ultimately, fail. Thanks to the built-in microprocessor controlled electronic unit, the inverter generator is suitable for all electrical appliances, including sensitive ones.

You can charge your laptop, tablet, or smartphone and stay connected in places far from the central power supply. In addition, the inverter generator reduces fuel consumption by up to 50% at low loads.

Inverter generators in a soundproof housing are distinguished by their quiet operation with a minimum noise level LpA (7m) of 62 dB. They do not create any discomfort for either the owner or people around and can be safely used for outdoor activities, as well as for off-site, commercial or entertainment events, etc.

The Könner & Söhnen assortment features inverter generators with unique technical functions:

  • DUAL FUEL models are dual-fuel generators that can run on both gasoline and LPG. The package includes everything you need to connect a gas cylinder;
  • ATS input for external ATS unit;
  • parallel connection unit for connecting two generators;
  • 3-in-1 easy engine start system (air choke, fuel valve and electric engine start);
  • two USB ports (5 V/1 A, 5 V/2.1 A) and a 12 V car socket for connecting a wide range of car accessories, gadgets and battery charging;

Könner & Söhnen generators are equipped with a robust proprietary engine and an alternator with 100% copper winding. This is a guarantee of long-term and reliable performance.