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Why Is a Backup Generator Essential for Your Summer House?

Why Is a Backup Generator Essential for Your Summer House?

A generator is useful for a summer house when the electricity is turned off. If there are frequent power outages in the summer house, it is essential to ensure an independent power source. The easiest way is to purchase a generator that will help for a certain period until the electricity is turned on again.

Why Do You Need a Generator in the Summer House?

Generators are the perfect solution to power supply problems. They can produce electricity and work where it is needed. Imagine a power cut occurred in your summer house, and the lights went off. While the cooperative tries to restore electricity, you can solve this problem yourself with the help of a generator.

A good generator will prevent a sudden voltage drop in the network during an accident, overload or other emergencies.

Installing a generator ensures that the cottage is always light and warm. If you have a workroom, the stable operation of the power tool is guaranteed. If your house has a security system, the generator will keep the system running even after a power outage.

The Best Generator Models for the Summer House

Summer house owners usually use gasoline generators, less often diesel generators. Gasoline generators are compact, easier to move and do not require special maintenance.

A 2 kW generator is perfect for a small cottage with a TV, a fridge and a pump for watering the beds. A larger load, such as a water well, gas boiler and electric stove, requires a generator of approx. 10-12kW. To calculate the required power, add the power indicators of all electrical devices you plan to connect to the generator simultaneously.

We present three models from different price categories. Each model has its advantages and disadvantages.

Gasoline generator KS 3000

The KS 3000 gasoline generator is guaranteed long-term reliability thanks to the 100% copper-wound high-quality synchronous alternator and K&S series motors. A simple manual start system and an ergonomic control panel make its’ use comfortable.

LPG/Gasoline generator KS 3000G

DUAL FUEL series LPG/gasoline generators from Könner & Söhnen are currently the most popular among customers due to their efficiency and environmental friendliness. The generator can run on both gasoline and liquefied gas (propane-butane). All necessary cylinder connections are included. If necessary, you can switch LPG/gasoline models to gasoline mode. The powerful K&S single-cylinder air-cooled four-stroke engine ensures the stable and reliable operation of the generator.

Gasoline generator KS 7000E ATS

One of the unique features of the KS 7000E ATS generator is the built-in ATS unit (automatic transfer switch). This function allows the generator to monitor power in the mains and automatically switch on in the event of a power outage. Then it automatically turns off when the power supply is restored. This function is indispensable and essential in buildings with rigid temperature or light control when supervisory staff is absent.

Power outages are always unpleasant, and you cannot avoid them. But a correctly chosen generator ensures that your summer house always has light and heating. Read more about choosing a summer house generator in our article Backup Generator for a Summer House: How to Choose?.

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