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The Generator Provides Security for the Winter

The Generator Provides Security for the Winter

A generator is no longer a whim but a basic necessity! The winter season promises to be full of challenges. In addition, frequent power outages appear. If you have noticed frequent low-quality electricity supply in an apartment or house, consider buying a generator.

Why Do You Need a Generator at Home?

As the weather gets colder, many people start thinking about how they will keep their homes and businesses warm. Some people use wood-burning stoves, while others use electric heaters. But what to do if the electricity goes out? This is where a generator comes to the rescue. It is a backup power source that keeps your home or business warm during a power outage.

Generators have long since become commonplace. They are actively used not only in trade and industry but also for private purposes. Unfortunately, power outages have been and will remain a problem for many, but it is possible to survive some inconveniences of a generator without a centralized energy supply.

The Genekas24 generator with automatic transfer (ATS) function is the best choice for automatically keeping critical home systems running in the event of a power outage. Generators equipped with ATS automatically turn on when power is lost and remain on until power is restored. Generators also help in dangerous weather-related situations, for example:

  • Keeping the fuel running so residents can stay warm
  • Keeping refrigerators working so that food and medicine do not spoil
  • Turning on the Internet so residents can stay connected and work from home
  • Keeping sump pumps running to reduce basement flooding

Our inverter generator KS 8100iE ATSR and many diesel generators such as the KS 9300DE ATSR (EURO V) have an automatic transfer switch. An automatic transfer switch can also be ordered separately, for example, the KS ATS 4/100HD-O model.

How to Start a Generator in Winter?

A generator is a perfect solution for many situations, but you need certain skills and knowledge to use it year-round. The main problem for many beginners who have bought such equipment is starting the generator in winter.

Starting the generator in winter is a challenge not only for you but also for the equipment. As soon as the temperature drops below 0 ° C, not only the external conditions change, but also the properties of the consumables.

Proper Maintenance of the Generator in Winter

Do not leave the generator outside to avoid exposure to low temperatures. We advise you to find a storage place to keep the generator at a plus temperature. The battery must be removed and kept separately in a warm place, and it is recommended to take it home immediately. Check the charge regularly and recharge the battery if necessary.

Use fresh fuel. Gasoline should be pumped out before long-term storage, as fuel stored in the generator for more than a month can begin to corrode and clog the engine’s fuel lines.

Change Oil Viscosity

In the colder months, the oil tends to thicken, making starting the generator extremely difficult due to the change in viscosity.

Generators typically require 80W-90 gear oil at normal ambient temperatures. For the winter period, it is recommended to switch to a lighter SAE 10W-30 semi-synthetic motor oil, which is more liquid, thus avoiding unnecessary wear and tear on the engine and can ignite it much faster.

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