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Backup Generator for a Summer House: How to Choose?

Backup Generator for a Summer House: How to Choose?

Installing a generator in the cottage will help you forget about power outages once and for all. Summer houses are often left without a power source, so summer house owners prefer to purchase generators for a comfortable stay or vacation. However, before heading to the store, summer residents often have a question, “which generator to choose?”. There is a wide range of generators on the market, including diesel, gasoline and inverter generators, the choice of which depends on your needs.

However, finding the right generator for your summer house is easier than it seems. In this article, you will find some helpful information on the nuances of generator selection.

Generator for a Summer House: What to Consider?

There is a wide variety of generators on the market, and when choosing a particular model, you should pay attention to the following:

Noise level

Cottage generators should not disturb you or your neighbours.

Fuel tank capacity

If you choose a gasoline or diesel generator, the larger the device’s tank, the less often it needs to be refuelled. The larger fuel tank allows the generator to supply the house with electricity for a longer period of time.

Engine start type

Automatic (with a built-in automatic transfer switch) or manual (switching on / off is done by pressing a key or a button).


The generator’s power is one of the main parameters on which the number of connected devices depends.

Generator for a Summer House: Choosing the Power

The performance of the generator directly depends on the power of the generator. For example, a 2 kW generator is perfect for a small cottage with a TV, a refrigerator and a pump for watering the beds. A larger load, such as a water well, gas boiler and electric stove, requires a generator of approx. 10-12kW. To calculate the power required, add the power indicators of all electrical devices you plan to connect to the generator simultaneously.

Sometimes when choosing a generator, you want to save money and focus on the minimum. We do not recommend that because:

  • Over time, your needs will only grow. You’ll probably get new or more powerful equipment that a weak generator won’t handle;
  • You will come across peak loads when the current consumption briefly exceeds the rated power.

Therefore, choose a generator that is 20-30% more powerful than the total power of devices. After calculating the power, you can decide on the type of generator.

Generator for a Summer House: Type of Generator

The type of generator, or more precisely, the type of its fuel, depends on its operating mode. If you need a generator against temporary power outages, we recommend choosing a gasoline generator. The advantages of gasoline generators include affordable price, compactness and low noise level. It is convenient to bring them to the cottage when the season comes. The disadvantage of a gasoline generator is the cost of a large amount of gasoline consumed. Buying an inverter generator, which is suitable for charging gadgets, partially solves this problem. They are more expensive than regular gasoline generators but consume fuel more economically. In addition, inverter generators ensure a longer service life, and some models are equipped with noise-reducing housing.

If your cottage is not connected to the electricity grid and you intend to use the generator constantly, consider buying a more expensive diesel generator. Diesel generators are used as an uninterrupted power source due to the possibility of long-term operation without refuelling, high efficiency, durability and reliability. However, their disadvantage is large dimensions and high price.

Generator for a Summer House: Noise Level and More

Gasoline and diesel generators have rather a high noise levels, so when choosing, pay attention to the fact that the noise level at a distance of 7 meters from the generator should not exceed 74 dB. The generator’s noise level depends on its housing construction and RPM.

Many generator models are equipped with various additional systems. Consequently, the price of the generator also depends on it. Therefore, when choosing a generator for the summer house, consider the ratio of the price and the necessary characteristics.

If you have any questions about generators, or you are unsure regarding which generator would be the best choice for you, Genekas24’s customer support specialists will be happy to help. Contact us here!